Sony confirm the Playstation 5 for Holidays 2020


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15 Responses

  1. jhonatan

    retrocompatibility !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • spok

      ok so for me it will be the same like with PS3/4 – no PS5 until there is proper jailbreak for new console from local shop 🙂

  2. light

    That’s the ugliest PS5 mock up I’ve ever seen. Looks like a toilet.

  3. Susan Sarandon

    What’s gonna’ suck is if the PS5 doesn’t allow devs to fully “unlock” their PS4 games for backwards compatability to allow PS4 games to run at unclocked framerates at higher resolutions.

  4. bla

    No, because PS Vita and PS4 were my biggest disappointment in life

  5. NT

    “adaptive triggers" = HD Rumble

  6. Jimbo

    reject the PS5

    embrace the PSP 3000

  7. Eye4eyE

    8===o sOny