Switch News: FW 9.0.0 released with minor features and SciresM already dumps keys; Yuzu gets upscaled rendering feature allowing for Switch games at 4K and higher resolutions!


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  1. Fleacollerindustry

    I can’t seem to find a good answer about this, but if I have already jailbroke my fusee-gelee vulnerable Nintendo Switch, I can keep upgrading its official system firmware without worrying that I will ever lose the ability to ever use custom firmware, right? I mean, i realize I’m burning fuses, and obviously I’ll have to wait for atmosphere, Etc, to be compatible with the newest firmware, but that aside, I basically never have to worry about TOTALLY losing the ability to run CFW, correct?

    • Fleacollerindustry

      More to the point, the warnings of NOT updating the official firmware is only for people who haven’t jailbroken their Switch, right?

  2. Sky2310

    Atmosphere 9.4 got released hours ago and works fine but now all my existing games no longer work. Probably outdated Sigpatches. How to get new ones and from where? Please someone help!