PSVita News: FW 3.72 DOES NOT patch h-encore² and the news about Bitter Smile being blocked via F00D was fake – TheFlow updates h-encore² binaries and VitaShell with FW 3.72 compatibility


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7 Responses

  1. Do we know yet if the SD2Vita works on 3.72?

  2. kadvaru

    *TheFlow pulls dank prank on community*

  3. StepS

    In the original video, bittersmile failed to launch because it was downloaded/installed in a peculiar way, alongside a nonpdrm fake license. That made the drm-free demo fail to start.

  4. SilicaAndPina

    – *** up installing h-encore2
    Oh guess its patched.. huh?

  5. Jgr9

    You know who also fell for it? You did.

  6. psycrow26

    doesn’t matter for me, still rocking on enso lol