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Android for the Nintendo Switch has finally landed – You can now run LineageOS 15.1 (Android 8.1) on your hacked Nintendo Switch


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  1. Crzo


  2. ererere


  3. faret

    thirdero sopa de macaco

  4. soture

    Can we stream PC games using this without any bugs?

  5. Mitty Walters

    Doesn’t this mean we can theoretically emulate DS games via Drastic?

  6. Smoker1

    Note: You can NOT connect the USB to a PC like a normal Android Device. Keeps coming up as a ‘PI USB to Serial’ or ‘P1 USB to Serial’. Seems only way to do File Transfer is by using a FTP Method, but that is VERY slow for large Files, and it keeps Disconnecting all the time >:(

    • Caveman04

      or, ya know, if you have ES File Manager, you can use standard shared folders on your PC. if OTG works, you could use thumb drives and either the dock or an otg cable

      • Smoker1

        Can not do that for some reason. Connected to the Dock, and had a USB Thumb Drive in place FAT32. Nothing. USB C Adapter wont work either.

  7. DeathOfChaos

    How easy is it to toggle between Android and the regular Switch OS?

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