Heads up: PS4 Pro is $320 on eBay.

News: Android For The Nintendo Switch Coming Within 5 Days And Vita3K Seeing Good Progress With Persona 4 Golden To Show Graphics Soon!


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  1. bolo

    That’s awesome, if there is no performance penalty running Android on switch, it should easily be able to run psp, gc and even wii emulation.

  2. Clutz450

    Any idea on if this Android port to the Switch will allow us to use Moonlight for Android (https://moonlight-stream.org/) and be able to stream and play our PC games over the internet? I am currently using it on my Vita and it works great and am looking forward to being able to do the same on the switch’s bigger screen.

  3. Wetalo

    Would it be possible to install the Android Shield ports of Metal Gear Rising Revengeance and Resident Evil 5 on the Switch with this? That’d be huge!

  4. Hazzard

    Also, would Kodi be running properly on the Switch this way? would be able to get rid of my android TV box that way.

  5. azoreseuropa

    I don’t care about that game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. It sucks but I van’t wait for Android on Switch because I like other things to use on it.

  6. garet


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