PSVita FW 3.71 released which fixes every bug in the Trinity Exploit Chain – St4rkDev hints at exploit for it!


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  1. StepS

    It is also worth noting that the timestamp in the 3.71 PUP URL reads “2019_0625”, which means that the patch got developed just a week after TheFlow had published his write-up. (The extra month of waiting is probably a QA delay)

  2. 808080

    Sony releases FW 3.71 —- sorry, Sony, but both my vitas are already hacked and downgraded to 3.60 + enso.

  3. geferefe


  4. DJPlace

    b*stards why the h*ll is sony trying to beat a dead horse.

  5. Namaenonae

    No way in heck I will update this thing

  6. Zolishoru

    I would say that’s stupid contractual obligation(some/all af the publishing contracts guarantees that no hacks would left unmitigated) are the reason of the new firmware. But that’s just an educated guess…