3 great PlayStation 3 games you should surely play this summer – Older titles that will make your summer more fun!


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  1. migo

    “Need For Speed Carbon”…. random list perhaps??

    • DBG

      It’s an odd list at the very least (I would have expected PS3 exclusives). If Carbon is the entry that had those weird live action videos, then there is at least some comedic value.

      Also what a weird view on Japan-themed gaming (or maybe you think that’s what “normies” think of). A very unique and very “Japan-themed” game that comes to mind is “Tokyo Jungle” co-developed by Crispy’s and Sony’s internal Japan Studio. It’s not for everyone but it’s one of the few PSN games I bought back in the PS3’s hay day and it’s still fun to go back to.

      • Aurora

        Yeah, the Japan-themed bit was directed towards people you call ‘normies’ which seem to make up a great deal of people as when Japan/Asia is mentioned, I’ve seen numerous people go like “KAWAII ANIME GAMES DESU” lol.

        Thanks for mentioning Tokyo Jungle, I’ll be checking it out myself!

    • Moj

      Shut up migo!
      That is really the best game i ever played!
      I remember those days that we tried to beat the game as quickly as possible!( i almost made it in 9 hour!)
      Also with the help of some patches on Linux i was able to run this game at 4K@60p and 16:9 which really made the experience much much better! the PS3 version looks astonishing even if it is 720p!
      The list seems good but the “Okami HD” isn’t good!

  2. TheWhiteTyger

    Already “Acquired” all three, good to know. <3 Okami, glad to see it listed as #1

    • spok

      worst PS3 list ever – my tops: 1. Uncharted I-III + Last of US, 2. GoW III/Ascension + GranTurismo V/VI, 3. Killzone II/III + Resistance I-III

  3. anidono

    The thing is, all those are multi plats and available on a ton of systems, whats the point of calling this a “3 great PS3 games…”?

    • Aurora

      Exclusivity was not mentioned anywhere. Lots of great games are multi platform and some got ports simply because they did so well

  4. Amaterasu

    Would have made for a better post had there been a larger variety of games on this list and counting in mainly exclusives (console or platform exclusives) as the PS3 is somewhat aged to its PS4 counterpart which also has Okami and AC2. NFS Carbon is a good pick.

  5. Niko

    Two games with ports to current gen consoles (and 3 with pc ports) instead of an actual exclusive of note like Tokyo Jungle?

  6. Moj


  7. sadguy

    Well…. all these games are on PC…
    I suggest to play PS3 exclusives instead. Like God of War Ascension, Yakuza 5, The Last of Us, Uncharted trilogy, and a lot of JRPGs like Ni no Kuni 1, NieR:RepliCant, Tales of Xillia/Xillia2….

    • Moj

      iguess any one who ever owned a PS3 has certainly played those exclusives which i think is what aurora had in mind when writing this article!

  8. Badryo

    What the heck is this now?

  9. Dewm

    Armored Core for answer is a must play! Especially if you are a fan of souls games, it should be quite fun to see what the director was working on before DS.

  10. Aidelrave

    3D Dot Heroes, Nier, Warhawk

  11. John

    Quantic Dream is coming to PC with all 2 games from PS3 and 1 from PS4, to PC Master Race.
    Didn’t play any, not on my old rig PS3 Slim Rebug.

  12. maskmark

    ogami is originally on Nintendo game cube and then ported to multiple platforms.
    other two were multi-platform games since the first day.
    so why bother ps3? just because the newly available piracy method?

    • Cryonic2099

      Okami was NEVER on the GameCube. It originally released on PS2 (2006) and was ported to the Wii (2008) and others from there. So at lest for a while, it WAS a Playstation exclusive even if not PS3.

  13. Paolo

    i suggest some other games underrated / not popular but worth more than a try:
    – Puppeeter (only on Ps3)
    – Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game
    – Heavemly Sword (only on Ps3)
    – Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

    • Nartanijel

      Rain PSN game

    • DBG

      It’s a shame that the Scott Pilgrim game cannot be legally obtained for users that don’t already have it (thankfully we have good archivists, but that’s a big downside to a “digital-only” future”… much less “streaming-only” where the bits aren’t even stored locally).

  14. JR140

    Most Wanted is WAY better than the following one…

  15. Viju J

    BS list

  16. Kokoro

    Play with A

  17. azoreseuropa


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