ForceLang for the PSVita released allowing games to override the system’s language and melonDS updated with OpenGL support & upscaling opening up possibilities for the Switch/PSVita!


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5 Responses

  1. So if I had a Japanese Vita game, ForceLang would convert the on screen text into English?

    • bob says:

      Maybe so, maybe not. Unless the language pack exists in the game or another game patch exists, then it may not work.

      Borderlands might work if you want to run that in Japanese, but I think you’ll need to fiddle with it. I’d like to just buy games, then run a patch to run the game.

  2. Joe G says:

    All I could wish for – and I can’t be the only one – is to play Catherine: Full Body in English. Wish the good hackers will attend this grievance soon. But still I say Thanks, it’s great work.

  3. PlayaNambaUno says:

    Waiting it for Vita, и не ебёт =)))

  4. pop says:

    Forcelang on psp would be wonderful.