Apple’s Latest Flop: The newly-released iPod Touch 7 with an underclocked A10, same design and even more bad stuff


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20 Responses

  1. Kevin Cormier

    lol, latest flop… why dont people write articles like this about any other company? Apple has a better track record than pretty much any other company in the last few decades, maybe thats why? Or maybe you have been subjected to googles information monopoly a little too long.

    • Gamr13

      Well, for a start, Apple gets clicks. Not only that but nobody really gives a *** what other companies release since they release a dozen (or more) devices a year. Apple release fewer more “premium” devices.

      • kevin

        Googles algorithm picks up on negative apple news like crazy as well, damn I hate google sometimes. They do it with youtube as well, to the point where people are grossly misinformed.

  2. alvin

    1st hehehe

  3. Z

    Aurora, this article is bad. I understand that there has not been anything exciting interesting to write about recently, but bashing the new iPod Touch without looking at the Pro’s is just unprofessional. I’ve seen better work from you, and this article is a juxtaposition of your high effort content versus low-level content.

  4. anotherdud

    Lol @ the apple love in the comments section, giving Aurora a hard time for calling Apple out, for basically doing nothing and calling it a new device, improved nothing over the previous gen, just typical Apple.

    Is everyone not fed up of the overpriced *** from Apple? I guess not going by these comments, please continue sheep….

  5. bwitzberger

    Apple Is Highly Priced Junk

  6. Demian

    I know of some great software/hardware developer that surely is not very happy with this sh*t.
    The job’s not done as it should had been.

  7. Wade

    I don’t care about the no Touch ID or Face ID, but the 2GB of system RAM is a bit disappointing. I would have also liked for it to have an internal magnetic compass for some of the apps I use. I would use this device for music and some games, and Apple will still sell many of these.

  8. juket

    just like A

  9. kok0roki

    this device is a joke, even my playlist won’t even fit with the small storage, oh hey we updated this thing with this chip~ that’s it~ give me money

    • kevin

      you have more than 32 gb worth of music on a single playlist?

      • yallsaredumb

        My music folder is 167GB!! That said, this is a fricken **iPod** not an iPhone, and the 32GB is only the BASE model. The iPod is a device for KIDS! They don’t care if the camera takes the best photos and nowadays most kids just use Spotify and YouTube for music, so they don’t really even need 32GB. heck, kids these days are lucky with 32GB!

        • Aydel

          Wow, now this is a trash take. How can you talk about streaming on a mobile device which doesn’t have access to the internet on the go?

  10. Voduline

    There s no alternative sadly. I love the ipod touch but this is a joke… Sadly there s no other device like that with such a battery life and usability

    • kevin

      Its only $200 for crying out loud, other devices in this price range arent even secure/supported or as fast. Its not for me, but lets give our heads a shake. This is better than taking a chance with a refurb, second hand device, or some Chinese android phone with no support (and would be much slower despite what people think). God the original iPhone 7 is faster than the galaxy s9, what do you think this is?

  11. Sholid

    Holy ***. Write about something that’s accurate and useful. For one, the iPhone 7 Plus was the large device having 3GB of RAM. The smaller one (which was bigger than this iPod Touch) had 2GB. Get it straight.

    And if all you can say related to the rest of Wololo is that it is easier to jailbreak (even if though it does still update to the latest iOS), then just back off. This gives a bad rep when there are plenty of sites and YouTube videos out there focusing on this.