PS3HEN Version 2 Released – ISO support, Kernel Plugin Support, Many Fixes and More!


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8 Responses

  1. Sagar

    Just wondering, whats the difference between this and playground webkit exploit?

  2. Draven

    PS2 games will install now. They still won’t run. They show up as Unsupported Data.

    This is driving me batshit. The only reason I want to mod my PS3 is to have PS2 compatibility.

  3. PlayaNambaUno

    Btw.. Vita 3.69\3.70 hack now available.. Add post.

  4. Skyy

    Would this give me the ability to dump games with my PS3 so I can run them on RPCS3? I have a Fat on 3.55 that I could install CFW on but honestly all I want is to be able to dump my games and I don’t want to install a permanent modification if I don’t have to.

  5. DJPlace

    so anyone got banned on PSN yet cause of this?

  6. Artur

    so, still we dont have a way to download games on internet and run on Superslim model, right?