PPSSPP (PSP Emulator) now available on Nintendo Switch


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9 Responses

  1. Woot

    I don’t own a switch but congrats to those of you that do! This is a fantastic emulator to have available!

  2. Metalrckr14

    I wish that the exploit for patched NX’s comes out sooner. Been dying to turn my switch into an emulation powerhouse.

  3. Sagar Patil

    Give it a year. It will become pretty much perfect judging by switch homebrew scene. These guys are on fire.

  4. kevin

    ive always confused people by playing mario on sony systems, now i can play little big planet on a nintendo platform :).

    • Kalvorax

      HAHAH, oh this will be good :D. I’ll need to see how well it works in docked mode (if at all, i havent tried yet when i run atmosphere)

  5. sigma

    The switch was the best buy in 2018. Very nice console.

  6. dameros

    so now I can finally play the psp on the go? Nice! 😀

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