Mostly finished GTA IV Beta Build for the PSVita leaked and available for download – The game that could have saved the PSVita which was never meant to be.


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41 Responses

  1. Bane

    Haha, nice Aprils Fools joke … 🙂

  2. >:(

    You ***, I believed you…

  3. Brendan

    I hate you so much right now!

  4. Ethan Weegee

    Really interesting! This seems like it could have improved the Vita’s life quite a bit and motivated others to develop for the Vita. Too bad that didn’t happen.

    • Buddy

      I knew it was too good to be true just from the title,and the fact it’s April fools gave it away lol

  5. Metalrckr14

    This never happens to me.

  6. Dev

    Good try… Happy April!

  7. Bubbles

    lmao almost had me! But man that would have been kool!

  8. Iracema

    I hope this is a april fools joke, otherwise i will be very sad. I will check when i get back home

  9. Smoker1

    Of course it is a Fake, being of what Date it is >:(

  10. JK0cr

    Darn, you had me!… I should read the comments first 🙁

  11. nebu_187

    😀 B*st*rd

  12. Si

    Totally got me. Damn it.

  13. Marcel

    Man I wish so much that this would be true

  14. jj

    could have been true though ;_)

  15. Mcall

    I was hyped for a sec. Good one.

  16. ZpectroO


  17. BHEN10

    hahaha! Nice one!

  18. meysam25

    fu**k ,me to i was looking for download link

  19. fluk3

    Good one but…. You took it to far with this

  20. wololo_senpai

    Hahaha wonderful. I ain’t even mad, you got me good.

  21. Joe G

    I hate you, I hate you, I hate you… Please don’t make such jokes again!

  22. Andromadus

    Awesome… That was fatal… Nice April Fool joke… 🙂

  23. Alan

    Rick Rolled Q_Q”’

  24. SIKE!

    Good job Aurora, got my *** fooled lmao well made article

  25. Mark

    My. Heart…
    You are the only one who got me today… Congratulations

  26. Darth Agnon

    How cruel 😉

  27. Draven

    Brilliant. The effort put into this trick and the ultimate bit of ballyhoo at the end for anyone eager enough to follow the link make this one of the best April Fool’s pranks I’ve seen online in years.


  28. Jamx

    This could be easily been released on PSVita…..if 1 April does not exist on calendar.

    • Smoker1

      If only Vice City, III and San Andreas were Released as HD. Could have alo did HD of VCS and LCS as well. There were so many Games that could have been Released under the Vita. But Sony wanted to give it the shaft early on. It has o much potential.

      • Jamx

        Well, yeah. Those games that were made for mobile can be on Vita realistically, but for some unknown reasons, Rockstar did not bother to make it and they can get away easily with $60 price tag for classic collection as well as stories collection on Vita.

  29. darksky

    oh sh*t. I happy until I read comment. :v

  30. Doctow

    Nice ty for link works like a chram 😀

  31. Cypherous

    The april fool is that the vita could have been saved 😛

  32. Stickupmybutt

    The frustrating part of April fools jokes is waking up on April 2 to read article headlines you missed on the 1st. That being said, I wouldn’t even be surprised if any of this had been true, given that games like metal gear solid 4 (PS3) were demoed running on vita hardware. That, and we had a pretty OK counterpart of the open world game that was Criterion’s NFS Most Wanted, barring some graphical/physics downgrades. I do hope that one day, games like that can be played without remote play type lag on a vita.

  33. Sprucius

    Ooo yeah! Thank you man! That’s REALLY cool! A PORTABLE GTA IV in my pocket! AMAZING!!! ummm… What a he…NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP!!!

  34. I LOVED this song as a kid, so thanks? lol

    Also, I wonder how many of the 544 million views came from April Fools. This dude’s analytics must go nuts this time of year.

  35. ZpectroO

    The 1th of april is no a prank day in my town u.U

  36. Nobunaga Ikido

    You got me… But only because I read it 4 days later and didn’t think to check the date.

  37. jerry

    why would you do this on a gaming community.shame on you april fools