PS3 FW 4.84 Compatibility Releases: SEN Enabler 6.2.2, HAN Toolbox 0.7, IRISMan 4.84 and Fan Control update among others


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  1. Kouros


  2. Mo Poge

    What’s the difference between IRISMan and MultiMan? Do they intend to do the same things?

  3. lollypop

    webman mod in the han toolbox ?

  4. alejandro

    does irisman works in hfw with han tool vs3?

  5. Tony

    Is SEN enabler compatible with HFW 4.84 on a Super Slim?

    • Kurosaki

      Yes, I have the super slim and it work like a charm

      • bebobs

        hello. from my understanding, since on the latest firmware anyhow, we should have access just fine with the HFW. exactly what does one need the SENEnabler for? is it just to help reduce risk of ban?

  6. ManekiNeko

    I got my system running custom firmware again after installing the hybrid firmware mentioned in a previous update. The PS3xploit folks recently offered a hack for 4.84; once I installed that I was back in business.

    A question, though. Is there a way to run PS3 and compatible PS2 games directly from the XMB, rather than the time-consuming and unintuitive process of activating them in Multi Man first?

  7. Kurosaki

    Offline HAN Enabler…. OH MY GOD, this is the best!!! I’m totally happy.
    Thanks Wololo for the news!

  8. John

    Hey guys, I installed the 4.84.2 hybrid firmware. That worked fine.
    But then I tried to install the REBUG_4.84.1_REX_PS3UPDAT Update, but that gave me a data is corrupt error.
    is this the correct way to do things?