A look at Apple’s newly introduced iPads and why you should be wary of purchasing them – Why the new iPad Air is not the iPad Pro 10.5″ replacement that some are making it out to be!


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  1. Aidelrave

    I generally think very badly of people who buy apple electronics. There’s better, cheaper option that won’t make you look ***.

  2. Jgr9

    Are you telling me that Apple is trying to rip people off?…

  3. DarkHao


  4. Nivic

    Why is this in Wololo

  5. beeeeeee

    nobody cares about apple sheep..

  6. Makak1984

    I like iPads i have had few models since Air 1 and to this day iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 2. But i do not like Apple products as a whole because poor design of internals (iPhones & laptops) and no way to get original spare parts other than from dead units or *** chinese ones. Aurora could you tell me if new version of Pencil also work with older Pro models?