PSVita: TheFlow’s GTA Native Resolution Patch released alongside Adrenaline 6.9 – You can now play the PSP’s GTA games at the native resolution (960×544) on your Vita/PSTV!


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17 Responses

  1. Joe G

    Cheers Guys!! Many a thanks to flow for his hard work and generosity. 10 steps ahead as always!

  2. Juniorpsvita

    Final fantasy Crisis Core Plis.

  3. Orange peel

    Final fantasy type 0!

  4. tangra87

    Kingdom hearts BBB Final Mix

  5. stophart

    i am tryed and it is amazing thanks for that flow

  6. Henkaku

    Plz I have never asked for anything before, but for the love of all that is holy in this world, plz I beg of you to make a monster hunter freedom unite and portable 3rd resolution plugin.

  7. Volkan

    Waiting for chinatown wars and ultimate alliance
    Thanks flow

  8. Sprucius

    There a list of the most likely games, who will get the patch:

    – Midnight Club: LA Remix
    – Midnight Club 3 : DUB edition
    – GTA : VCS
    – GTA : LCS
    – GOW : JP/Korean
    – GOW : Ghost of Sparta
    – GOW : Chains Of Olympus
    – Daxter
    – Ys Seven
    – The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
    – Grand Knights History
    – Tactics Ogre
    – Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker
    – Star Ocean : Second Evolution
    – Driver 76
    – Chili Con Carnage

  9. lollypop

    lollypops psvita kodi pseudotv document

    now to update android 7.0 on my androidtv
    so i can run kodi 19.04 gain o0
    and install pseudo
    with plexkodiconnect repo

  10. percy

    can’t use cwcheat while using the native resolution psvita freezes.

  11. Smoker1

    Anyone else not able to run CWCheat for some reason under Adrenaline? TempAR runs perfectly fine, but I can not get CWCheat to come up. I even Copied over from my PSP. Nothing. Used to work a while ago.

  12. googlan78

    When this plugins enable, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Midnight Club LA Remix iso backup getting an error and it won’t start.