PS4: SpecterDev releases Webkit exploit for Firmware 6.20, a ray of hope for 6.xx owners


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17 Responses

  1. andrew

    Specter Dev is the best!!!

    • spok

      yup finally a reason to buy 4TB storage for replacing all old series with latest ones – i hope there will be Hen 1.9 for FW 6.20 out soon 🙂

  2. alevan

    “old!" and “late!" and “ talked about it a week ago, Wololo is so lame"

  3. Visi duhai

    If you going to post about it so late, better not post at all, or atleast add some extra info. There is no point to read same thing.

    • 1

      Its not really that late. And it might not be that everyone check out other sites as well, so its possible that this is news for some. And for me personally, the information about this exploit not being too stable if you add a lot of objects, that is news to me. I hadnt read that before.

    • Durk

      Oh, I’ve read this before? Where? I can’t really remember. Go and start your own news blog instead if this one doesn’t suit you.

    • tym2liv3

      Some people only watch this site for info. I appreciate that Wololo takes the time to do this at all

    • Dirtycasual

      Hey, I’d prefer late to never. I’m a casual who only loosely follows the scene, and I only bother to check wololo.

  4. Tupackilled

    Don’t worry Wololo, your blog is great.
    Even if this post is late, everybody knows all infos mentioned in your blog is trustworthy.

  5. First

    no first, no party

  6. sadguy

    a ray of hope for 6.xx owners…. but I’m a 5.55 user, I’m in the middle of nothing XD

  7. Melt_em_all

    Man, all these special little snowflakes. If wololo isn’t doing it for you, go somewhere else…nobody will miss you. Promise! If it were up to me, comments would be blocked altogether. I mean, apart from thanks and props to the devs, when’s the last time anyone said anything useful?

  8. Doctow

    Well everyone who is complaining about wololo beeing late if you want the news first hand go hunt on twitter posts and search for yourselves anyways ps4 scene is getting some lead about what we have and probablt what’s going on next.. to be honest hope for jailbreak soon or atleast another exploit that will lead to the jailbreak

  9. Soetgoete

    I only read this blog and have done so for many years now. I can really trust you guys so thanks for the update. Sadly i’ve allready update to 6.50.

  10. Charles Fasano

    I don’t trust Console related hack news unless it comes from this site.

  11. Mos

    Don’t be sorry
    I only trust your site