Super Mario Vita Demo finally released and Redneck Rampage gets a Vita port – You can now play a native Super Mario game on the Vita… sort of


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5 Responses

  1. m77

    Any ideas why all these games like EDuke32, quake etc shows C2-12828-1
    Same for redneck now :((

    • Smoker1

      Require Game Files from the actual Game. Grabbed the Steam Version of Redneck and it works great. Just have to adjust the Right Joystick Settings to get the Turn/Look Motion slowed down enough.

  2. Samsqwamch

    Ports to the Vita make me very happy!
    All the hard work still going into the Vita is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

  3. Smoker1

    Any word on possibly getting Redneck Rampage working on the 3DS? Or would it be too much?

  4. FFTW

    sucks that the Super Mario Vita project got canceled. it looked VERY promising 🙁