The NSA releases Ghidra, their reverse engineering tool, for free! – The IDA Pro days may be over and more people will have access to high-end RE tools for finding security holes


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  1. Maskmark


  2. ThisMoron

    I get the feeling that they don’t need this anymore…because of AI

  3. F.Ramos

    Uh Oh !, I dont want to be that conspiracy theory GUY ! ,But government giving stuff away for free ,and something that sensitive that condone more piracy/ hacks ??? Huh im not buying it , sounds like the perfect opportunity to spy and monitor to me , thanks buuut no thanks

    • TehCupcakes

      It is going to be open source, and it stands to reason that most people who would benefit from this have the ability to investigate the source code and see if there is anything malicious in there. Granted, it’s probably a bit large for a single person to look through, but I like to think that there are a lot of good developers out there who will inspect it and find that it is safe to use.

      If anything suspicious was found, it would be a BIG deal. The NSA wouldn’t be that stupid to release it as open source like that.

  4. doctorwho05

    This is a tools to help with the Vault 7 mess being in the wild now, NSA Cleanup

  5. Bob

    Could this also potentially help develop emulators to run like the original hardware? Or at least understand first party emulators such as pops loader, or the gba emulator for 2/3ds, etc?

  6. MobCat

    lol there is no “the NSA” it’s just NSA. also yeah seems like a pretty awesome little tool but yeah not quite as powerful as ida yet but that’s just a matter of time until more people get there hands on it and wright there own modules and plugins for it.