PlayStation 4 Firmware 6.50 released – Remote Play now supports iOS devices, X/O button swapping is FINALLY a native feature and you can stream 720p video to NicoNico!


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  1. Mr. MaGoo

    And still they are holding thier grudge for remote play on android. Why are they punishing us since thier phones suck?!?!

    • spok

      well this is where the scene shall help but after nearly a year with 5.05 JB there is nothin for PS4 except backups along with few apps 🙁

  2. Pearce

    Anybody got the ipa?

  3. Basam Zayniaie

    Hopefully by may this too be exploited.

  4. Gareth

    After this update hopefully some holes can be found to exploit. This site has some malware on it now? I don’t mind donating to this site but please no malware. I’ll have to use an blocker now.

  5. Coffincolors

    I believe @Twist3d89 on twitter is working on a remote play solution for android devices for those who are wondering. No eta but its in progress

  6. Paul Conrad

    Buy a game controller for your iPhone? ***

  7. spazzo

    Thanks for the update, can’t wait for this version to be cracked, then we can copy more newer games for free.

    • Dinosaur

      Lol Don’t waste your time.They will never release a new hack

      • Traid

        Yes I have come to that conclusion too, pretty much all the good hackers are long gone. Just left with lazy people using their work giving it new names.

  8. lollypop

    is there hfwl firmware loader for 505 ? so i can try 660 remoteplay ?

  9. Buzz Killington

    The X/O swapping feature is only available in the Asian region at the moment.

  10. Dave

    I like getting games for free.

  11. Triad

    Been a while since I have been too the site! How do we request games? Is it still in the hidden forum section?

  12. aaaa

    what about trick that with lan cable removing still working?