Production of the PSVita has now ended once and for all! – The PSP’s successor is now officially obsolete and not many people will miss it


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :)Contact me via DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests.

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  1. Kamil

    But you know that Sony can release new software after few years like it did with the PSP.

  2. Andrey

    That makes me a saaaaaaaaad panda

  3. DemonWing90

    ill miss the vita its a great handheld and imo better then the 3ds

    • Demian

      Technically maybe, but the software (games) on the 3DS are vastly superior, and that’s what make a console a success. That lame brand owner spent most of its efforts into creating an “unhackable device” instead of creating an enjoyable one. We know now that nothing is unhackable. When game console producers spent most of the time thinking their brands can overcome time and new generations, they start creating pure junk devices (PSX-Classic).

      The Vita is an awesome handheld console, and with the help of Indie devs it survived a bit more. I do like my Vitas, but only on their hacked state.

  4. Fido

    Good hardware for its time, plagued by storage media politics and lack of support by Sony. Will always have a special place in my heart.

  5. BiscuitPanic

    How does Sony fail so bad at mobile gaming? The only thing that saved the PSP from failure was being the best portable emulation station, but now that we have smartphones, which can easily have physical buttons in this day and age, I think Sony has long lost their chance of being a serious contender in the mobile gaming market.

    The big three gaming manufacturers also better hope smartphones don’t eat away at console gaming market share as well.

  6. Aces

    Mobile gaming can never replace portable consoles, touchscreen controls are no match for buttons and sticks

  7. 初音ミク

    I guess I’m one of the few then.

  8. Drasglaf

    I won’t miss the Vita… as long as I own at least one.

  9. Yekkusu

    Yep, the ps vita is dying here, but the Japanese market has a lot of games and stuff for it. I sar a YouTuber who got a trip to Japan and she was impressed with the fact that they have like, two or three hallways in a game store just for the Vita’s games. And in the US, it’s just a little row on somewhere hidden with no more than 30 games. xD

    • Phoenix

      That’s still more than here in Europe, if you check out five or six electronics stores or stores somewhat gaming related and find one PSV game, that’s actually a lot.

  10. Sad

    I’m done with this site it’s getting so freaking wierd!

  11. Chris

    Am I the only one that LOVE my Vita and playing a tone of games like HD collections of ps2 etc etc? It’s amazing how sony killed a great piece of hardware!

  12. CraddaPoosta

    A girl WHO HAS liked technology from Day One.

    This has always irked me for some reason. WHO. Not THAT.

    • dmaskell92

      “that is” has always bothered me the most lol. It rolls off the tongue weird, and it’s filler that could be removed.

      I’m a girl who has liked technology from day one. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene, but I always mod my stuff when possible. Contact me via DM @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles.

  13. John

    Sad if You are Sad.
    Wee Don’t Care.
    So be Sad for Ever.

  14. Tedd

    Like technology since day one, totally ridiculous statement. Why did this site the used to have some respect get so f u c k i n g. .. g a y

  15. Shooter McGavin

    Love the Vita! Got it at launch. Still use it almost daily as well as my psp. Also have a gpd win 1 and 2, and a 3ds. I switch it up now and then. Not sure what people expected. It was released 7 years ago now. I’d say not too bad. Now with the hacks it makes it even more playable now, so it can be used years from now.

  16. alpmaster007

    I don’t like the title of this article. I love the vita i have 8 of them and i will always love them. I will still buy more. $ONY did not know how to market this LEGENDARY system =P

  17. bla

    Oh, the cancer has finally been cured.

  18. PsybrPyrit

    Prepare for inflated Vita prices

  19. PsybrPyrit

    “portable consoles didn’t remain as popular due to mobile gaming” this is exactly why it never made sense to me when people said Sony released this too early. They released it too late guys. Anyways f–k Sony for killing something that had great potential. Coulda made a killing if they didn’t just leave it to rot aside from updates to patch what makes it worth getting.

    • Max

      nope, it got killed by the high prices on the memory cards, games and accesories. that’s why they made the slim version with a lot of feature taken away just to get some actual profit since no one wanted to buy a 4gb card for $20 where you could only store one big game

  20. Vita

    I love my Vita though…

  21. Rusty

    Mobile gaming has taken over portable gaming and it’s no surprise really. Smartphones are becoming powerful enough to rival handheld consoles and you don’t have to lug around an additional device solely for games. This with competition coming from the switch pretty much seals the deal. I mean lets be honest why buy a Vita when you can put that money towards a sweet high end or gaming smartphone which has the benefit of doing more than playing games and already has service/internet that you’re paying for anyway. The big name gaming companies are now finally releasing high profile games for mobile. Gone are the days of only playing games like candy crush on a phone. There are full featured MMORPGs now, league of legends clones and player unknown’s battlegrounds etc. It really is the future of mobile gaming.