PS Vita Homebrew release: The Hallway by VitaHEX


Hello there. My name is John and that is all there is to know about me.

8 Responses

  1. Predator0808

    This is just awesome!

  2. butin

    this sucks

  3. Gei

    this is only the demo, not a game… :-((((

  4. Taimoor

    It’s not full recreation of the P.P demo since passing through hall for fourth time a note stuck on door says so.
    Nevertheless, more power to developer for such a great effort. Gone Home and Slender the arrival next please.

  5. FFTW

    well done! it is unfortunate that silent hills was never made. PT is an intriguing “what if” for sure.

  6. Dan Miller

    Really good job. I love Silent Hills, specially the second. I’ll give it a try!