PS Vita: a 6-year hacking journey comes to an end as the very last layer of the Vita crypto security is defeated


Interested in console hacking since the days of the PlayStation Portable.

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  1. Anonymous

    Yifan Lu’s Vita hack may be the most amazing hacking feat in the history of game consoles.
    Well done and thank you!

  2. Kamik

    How he learnt all that things about hacking?

  3. Metzen

    I do not see this as the end but only the beginning of more homebrew and money saving memory for those that do not want to pay an arm and a leg for the ridiculous pricing structure that $ony placed on memory cards.

  4. HE1NZ

    It’s time to finish off PS4 now 🙂

  5. Sprucius

    I hope that sometime for it will be released ps2 emulator. ^_^

  6. lennyvita

    its Yifan Lu and to the other people who made the vita homebrew scene so great over the past few years. Because of dedicated people like them, the Vita/PSTV has exceeded its potential that Sony would never achieve or allow. It is because of this I own a Vita and PSTV. I look forward to seeing your achievements in the Switch scene. Thank you Yifan Lu and all the Homebrew developers and people that care about making the Vita a more enjoyable experience.

  7. natas

    So, can wololo post the aforementioned hardware keys ? 😉
    Will sony sue anyone who post the hardware keys online (social media, website, youtube, etc) ?

  8. Psv_gaming77

    thank you Devs! Thefl0w and Yifan Lu especially!! it was a great ride like I had with Ps3 scene.. now onto bigger and better consoles 🙂

  9. Taimoor

    Will it help in turning vita into a ps2? By means of some kind of soft or hardware exploitation? Making the machine work as a ps2. The “final flag” sounded like such achievement to me.

    P.s. yes I am a noob!

    • YouKnowNothingWololoSnow

      No because the Vita is too weak to handle it. If you want an all in one emulator, get a GPD win. It can handle ps2,gba,psp emulations and even runs some PC games well.

      • Taimoor

        Emulation I understand is next to impossible. “Even the Beefy pc could suffer” as they say.

        What does this mean then? “Therefore the only “universal" way to run code on any firmware is via Yifan’s BootROM glitching, which technically gives you the freedom to run almost anything you want on your device.” Again, I know not that it will run ps2 games from now on. But what else…

        Btw, GPD looks pretty good. But I am not sure if I will be able to save that much money any time soon. Still… Thanks for advice.

  10. spaz

    Thank you Yifanlu !!

  11. YouKnowWho

    but still no ps4 hacks 🙁