Android gets ported to the Nintendo Switch! – You might soon be able to turn your Switch into a fully-fledged tablet


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  1. Josué


  2. NakedFaerie

    Now thats awesome. Actually make the Switch into something useful.
    I might buy a 2nd switch just to do this. 🙂

  3. jan3k

    This is going to make the Switch sooo awesome! The possibilities with working native Android could be endless!

    So… Who wants to buy a 3.60 enso Vita Slim?

  4. stepenlu

    Do you think we can use the switch to remoteplay ps4 because there is a remoteplay app for android?

  5. Laxxus

    Woah. This is awesome!

  6. fido

    one word: Kodi

  7. Sd

    Pubg on switch.It will be awesome

  8. snip

    is it possible to port this android port to ps vita???
    i really want to play hearthstone on vita

    • Marek

      No, because Switch is based on the same SoC as Nvidia Shield TV, so we have already files ready to implement.

    • ProtonDestron

      Not likely as PS Vita processor does not have an open-source kernel built for Android available. Switch’s Tegra X1 can be also found in Nvidia Shield. Furthermore, the outdated 32-bit processor won’t be powerful enough to run any recent Android versions.

  9. Sonny


  10. Dave smile

    Wow now you just need a switch a u r o z e t t my t r a n n y.

  11. Tehgan

    frickin sweet

  12. SomewhatSayori

    Awesome! Hopefully it can run games like PUBG, Runescape and the GTA games. I think it’d be pretty cool to be able to run the insane amount of quality games available for android on the switch with the joycon.

  13. emma

    Can we dual boot with this?

  14. Papapsofos

    Awesome… But I still havent found a good tutorial on how to hack the switch here on wololo… Why is that????