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PlayStation 5 News: Possible backwards compatibility with PS4, PS3, PS2 and PSX systems hinted by Sony filing a patent about a method for more accurate backwards compatibility – Could the PS5 be the ultimate console that replaces almost every other home console out there?


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  1. Junk says:

    The point is, what would be the price of that? And I´m realy talking about money, if isn’t like the case of early days of ps3 that it was to expensive due the fact of “hardware emulation”, it would be great.

    • YukiS says:

      If the PS5 is comparable to contemporary gaming PCs in terms of power yet has a similar enough architecture to the PS4 then PS3 emulation through software would definitely be achievable and PS4 games should run semi-natively. That just leaves PS1 and PS2 which have been trivial to emulate in software for a while.

    • Kevin says:

      If they go with the rumoured cpus emulation will be very achievable considering the devs have low level access. We can already emulate PS3 in pc using direct x with software from a small team working in their spare tjme, ps5 won’t have a problem with Sony’s resources.

  2. Basam Zayniaie says:

    Maybe…but I don’t think ps4 games would work…ps4 is still in it’s times…

    • Panzer says:

      Why wouldn’t PS4 games work if it’s likely a similar architecture?

      • Yay says:

        Because SONY still wants to sell PS4. Why would you buy PS4 if you could play PS4 games on much more advance console?

        • Panzer says:

          Either if you want a game console but don’t have the budget for a PS5, waiting for the kinks to be worked out in PS5, etc.

          It’s also rather shortsighted to have the PS5 not play PS4 games just because they want people to buy PS4’s. Especially since Sony isn’t exactly new to BC consoles (PS4 being an exception).

        • Kevin says:

          They don’t make much of anything from hardware, it’s the software fees and ps plus that being in money.

        • DvdX says:

          PS1 was still selling when PS2 came out, PS2 was still selling when PS3 came out…you’re still buying their hardware to play their games on…i’m sure once PS5 comes out and people are still buying PS4 games, Sony will be happy because they’re making their money on the games more than consoles

  3. joemami says:

    You mean they don’t want to resell us games we already own? Hahaha

  4. Jgr9 says:

    You sure did hype up what it could potentially not be.

  5. sloppycrap says:

    Patents don’t mean anything. PS5 is going to be another X86 PC with some DRM on top. It’s not going to be able to emulate a PS3, but it should be able to run PS4 games natively and might be able to emulate PS2/PSP well (of course it will emu PS1).

  6. Linux2go says:

    What makes more sense is that this is a patent for the BC ability of the computers that will run games in the backend for PS Now. Sony will bill BC just like before.

  7. duh_dehtt says:

    PS4 for sure if not then sony will s c r e w up badly. Like a u r o z e t t.

  8. dayveeboi says:

    There’s “Zero Question” about the PS5 having PS4 Backwards Compatibility because it’s just going to be another AMD APU in a KnightRider-esque box. It doesn’t take DF to conjure that news up.

  9. Demian says:

    If the hypotethically possible PS5 console comes to life and is backwards compatible by hardware means, that would make it highly overpriced to the end user. Because all that technology doesn’t come for free.
    And taking into account the always overpriced products from that lame brand owner, well, things don’t look so good.
    Wait for more of the same games with “improved” graphics, maybe with a 16K version. LOL

    • Panzer says:

      You’re attributing “game games with improved graphics” and “overpriced products” to Sony what could apply to Microsoft and Nintendo as well. Why single Sony out?

      • Jamahill says:

        Look at how they handled BC with the PS4. It’s not an unfair statement to say they’ve been anti-consumer with how they’ve handled BC when compared to Xbox.

  10. NoSpam says:

    But can it play Crysis?

  11. EmperorNiko says:

    With Sony censoring games, it will not be worth buying. Just watch as the so called “emulation” will be streaming service.

  12. natas says:

    You’re all wrong, it’s not about emulator, it’s about virtual machine (VM) for their next powerful DRM, just like VMProtect and Denuvo.

  13. Smart Man says:

    People are insane if they think backwards compatibility will be a thing next gen. MAYBE Sony will let you buy back your games digitally and run them on a proprietary emulator, but that’s the best case scenario. See: Nintendo. The only reason Xbone has true BC is because they’re getting destroyed sales-wise.

  14. ida bigmans says:

    as long as it’ll play Switch games, i’m sold!

  15. Phoenix says:

    Patents are always “kind of vague”, especially patent applications. Also according to japanese patent laws a patent application as described above wouldn’t be granted because it would be considered obvious.

  16. very smart man says:

    Hear me out: The PS5 will use 7 Emotion Engines emulating the SPEs of the PS3. This way, it’s 7 PS2s emulating a PS3, which is much easier than emulating a PS2 on a single PS3.

  17. Sorry What About , Hatsune Miku Project F ,F2nd . Those games depends of external music content. u know . Add an mp3 to your Muisc library like we do on PS3 . Hope that they think about this on PS5

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