iOS Jailbreak News (And Confusion Clearing): tfp0 exploit for iOS 11.4-12.1.2 released, unc0ver/Electra jailbreaks updated for iOS 11.4.1 and a n0ncesetter released for iOS 12!


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :)Contact me via DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests.

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  1. Makak1984

    So for IOS 12 is only jb provideing downgrade?

  2. Dafrig

    Tempted to get an iPhone now.

  3. Dafrog

    I thought this site was for psvita though? Not this article by a g3nder b3nd3r a ur oz ett

    • benbo

      it’s not though, if anything, it’s about PSP originally. there since have been articles about at least psvita, ps3, ps4, 3ds, switch and ios. and i mean, cmon, there is not much to report on vita anymore and there hasn’t been for quite some time.

  4. Mike S.

    ⒜⒰⒭⒪⒭⒜ ⒤⒮ ⒵⒠⒯⒯

  5. Chief wigham

    ⒵⒠⒯⒯ ⒤⒮ ⒜ ⒢⒠⒩⒟⒠⒭ ⒝⒠⒩⒟⒠⒭.

  6. Duffy

    .uɐɯoʍ ɐ ǝq oʇ sǝsn ʇʇǝz suɐɹʇ ǝɥʇ sɐıןɐ ǝɥʇ sı ɐɹoɹnɐ

  7. luz

    lots of virgins here, does it really matter what gender he is he could be a floating rock in real life for all I care as long as I get my scene news

  8. Aidelrave

    Part of me wants aurora to make a video showing she’s a girl just to shut you up.

  9. duh_dehtt


  10. Cimmerian

    i love jailbreak