mGBA updated to version 0.7.0 and reRescaler released for the PSVita – You can now use the GameBoy Camera/Super GameBoy with mGBA and playing native PSVita games with screen filters is now possible!


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  1. Çağhan DEMİR

    “This plugin supports games running at both native (960×544) and non-native resolutions so in other words, it supports almost all games.”
    You do realize this plugin only works with games that use a framebuffer smaller than 544p, right?

  2. Bothgy

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  3. Eric gal

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  4. Wazzay

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  5. dmaskell92

    Can we grow up a bit in the comment section?

  6. Aidelrave

    Holy ***…mgba actually uses the vita’s camera in gameboy camera.. That’s crazy…

  7. tishke

    something grows up when he sees boys

  8. SpeedoSkeeto

    Will you get banned by nintendo for using wifi when running linux?

  9. user123

    Can anybody help me with the saved core file succeeded error I keep getting