Offline PS4 Remote Play Patcher updated to work with the latest version of Remote Play on Windows – Remote Play without internet is as simple as a few clicks with new Auto-Patcher!


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11 Responses

  1. Farzam says:

    Can we play with mouse and keyboard in Remote play ?

  2. Louis says:

    Can we do something with the ps4’s that the Blu ray drive doesn’t work and f@($&ing $ony doesn’t update those consoles ? I have 2 of them and I want to put them on use even for hacking them.

  3. Aaron Carpenter says:

    This is huge. If you can hook your ps4 up to a router, you can just stream to your pc perfectly.

  4. duh_dehtt says:

    Now you can play your p!rat3d games on pc the aurozett

  5. Vladzor says:

    after patch still want me to login to PSN on my PC

  6. Landa says:

    if using a tv, why no just using a HDMI cable instead of the router, i don’t quite get it >_<

  7. Hy there, Look what we adopt looking inasmuch as you! a okoffers
    Are you in?

  8. mahdi says:

    Can I use this method if I do not have an active account on my PlayStation?

  9. muke says:

    Zett is Aurora

  10. Ren ren says:

    Not working on my windows 7 x64

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