Postal Vita released – GOING POSTAL on your beloved PSVita is now totally possible!


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11 Responses

  1. TechmanTim

    Even though i’m not much in to these type of games, thank you for all you hard work that you do.

  2. billzdaman

    The game just kicks me back to the Start screen.

  3. Johnny Rico

    Hey, I had the same problem at first, here is my installation :

    1 – Create ux0:/data/Postal folder, then ux0:/data/Postal/savegame folder

    2 – Copy ALL files and folders from the Postal game (including POSTAL.INI) to ux0:/data/Postal

    3 – Install vpk from Rinnegatamante (thanks to you man !)

    4 – Launch the game, uncheck “use mouse” or something like that in the options, so the aim cross is not locked and can be moved anywhere in 360 ° for most of game weapons 🙂 with right stick

    5 – Enjoy pure violence

  4. joey

    how can we know if it worth playing on it if there isnt any game-play video anywhere….?

  5. Jefphar

    Works nice. Thank you Rinnegatamante. I hope you can port more nice games from Steam.

  6. MOJ

    Also i am not into this sort of games(yet i would give it a try) i should thank developer Rinnegatamante for all his hard work which may take other developers attention to vita!

  7. Aur0ra is a dude

    Come out of the closet!

  8. Ein Owl

    I just think.. if that port can just get files of original game, why not to remake port into emulator and play in many GOG games? it`s just add some lib`s i think.. and some main control settings.. and TA-DAAA!!! xD

  9. Marlow

    Good fun game. Thanks to Bologna! Sadly it never loads the third level on my oled vita but crashes into “start new game”.
    Game-files I use seem to originate from gog…can’t find it there though.