PS4: 6.20 piracy “method” has been released (and the scene is disappointed)


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43 Responses

  1. FFTW

    hopefully the video player glitch that was talked about would be more useful.

    • Billy

      The video app glitch doesn’t work. Video apps only work when connected to PSN since there are no NOPSN apps and can only be used if you already have acces to PKG installers and so forth. Secondly, even if you own an older version of the app to use it you’ll need to connect to PSN wich will automatically download the updated patched version so no, that method won’t work and thanks to the guy coming public about it it will never ever get to work

      • Diego69

        Video Apps don’t need PSN. I’m still on 5.05 and Show Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube and DAZN. All Apps work well. I hope the Video glitch come soon.

        • Billyb

          they do, You’re running a NONPSN version of the app or a spoofer. On OFW when running an app you need to be connected to PSN and when a new firmware comes out it needs to have that to even run making also the app update and fixing the exploit. This is pointless for the end user on OFW.

          • maskmark

            Maybe the videoapp glitch need only to run once to install something(when underOFW with psn)?
            then you can just activate it every reboot like hencore do on psvita 3.68.

  2. Basam Zayniaie

    Let’s hope there’s gonna be a kernel exploit in the couple two days….

  3. NakedFaerie

    What p155es me off about this stuff is when something like this gets released $ony remove features so everyone suffers.
    so 1% of hackers get the feature they want but 99% of users suffer the restrictions $ony put on us because of it.

  4. Tarek

    With this method can we dump games that have higher firmware

  5. XavierYay

    What an idiot, every PSN account sellers know this hack already

  6. ArosNout

    Well lets wait for a proper kernel exploit patiently.

  7. cris

    this was really stupid , i have sold my ps4 5.0 for a ps4 pro to find the so called exploit is a blunt lie .

  8. Demian

    This method is bound to become useless as soon as that lame brand owner takes action on the matter.

    So yes, it’s not even worth to try it.

    More over, I wouldn’t recommend buying pre-hacked PS4’s as most surely a similar method (if not this one) is being used by those resellers of pre-hacked PS4’s.

    You would, in the end, have a banned PS4, no games at all, and cash thrown at the garbage bin.

  9. Diego69

    Video Apps don’t need PSN. I’m still on 5.05 and Show Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube and DAZN. All Apps work well. I hope the Video glitch come soon.

    • Billyb

      They do lmao on OFW. Non OFW users have NONPSN modified versions running and spoofers, on OFW when a firmware update comes out you can only use those apps if you update so yes this is pointless

  10. Mohin420

    What about v6.02?? I’ve waited sooooo LOOOOONG?!!

  11. J Daddy

    Wow utter disappointment

  12. trilili

    wuuut last time 3 max forced deactivation for half year

  13. Alpmaster007

    I usec to do this to activate multiple VHBL megamix 101 vitas lol

  14. JJ

    What a nothingburger

  15. God

    I knew it was nothing lmao

  16. Adrian

    This is not a hack or a glitch. It was implemented to share games within one household.

  17. Mr Genius

    dissapointed i thought i can play my favorite game spiderman…

  18. Diego69

    I have only YouTube as noPSN.
    The other Apps i have been updatet on 5.05 original from PSN. Since i can’t connect to PSN with my PS4 in 5.05 i don’t Update my Apps and watch Amazon, Netflix and DAZN on my 5.05. So i don’t need fake or noPSN Apps. Mybe i have luck that’s work on my PS4? I don’t know, i’m no hacker.

    • Billyb

      You really don’t get it do you eh ? When the apps need an update they’ll ask for an update and it will only run that way then. At the moment it hasn’t been patched but when it will get patched you’ll get to see that update nag i was talking about

      • Diego69

        For example my Amazon Prime App is Version 3.09 have update on 3rd April 2018. If i check for update an update is available, i don’t update.
        For all hacker here, my original Amazon Prime App Version 3.09 run without problems on 5.05. No spoof needed and no fake App. Maybe i can help someone with this idea.

  19. Zippy

    Wait is that an exploit? I been doing that for a couple of years between my US, GR and AT accounts on the ps4. Always thought that Sony is just a good guy knowing that some people have multiple accounts etc.

  20. Dj

    Useless waiting for ps4 exploit this year, might as.well update to 6.20

  21. Luke

    This is fine at least the guys did something much unless the stupid 5.55 that has been privately exploited is full of deep *** lie, why would the scene care even?

  22. Botchedhax

    Lol this should have never gone public. If you have a PSN account loaded with games then why not leave that system for online play.

  23. lollypop

    boo lamer piracies

    • Jack Attack

      It’s more about consumer rights than it is stealing. Piracy, that is. Until we have digital rights and have DRM free content, this is the fight worth having since as it stands you have no right to content you purchased digitally on any conventional, normal, sane terms. AKA, keeping it when their service/support is eliminated and you need to replace your broken console.

  24. Gummibri

    In the Xbox community this is very common place and it’s called game sharing. This is nothing new. It’s not a glitch. It’s a feature. You can only set so many consoles to home in a 6 month period and then you need to call Microsoft. I’m sure Sony has some form of policy enforcement. I really wish this story dies quickly in the media and doesn’t ruin a wonderful thing.

  25. Big Boi

    This method makes no sense honestly it shouldn’t even make headlines within the community. Im so sick of ppl and devs throwing the (They aren’t entitled to do anything) Well flexing for media attention is the source of toxicity and until they are ready to release something worthwhile they will continue to get the hate and discredit

  26. Gudra

    I tried it but after the account deactivation (wating for the led blinking etc.) the games are still locked. Is this a troll thing or maybe require a strict timing? Someone has been able to do it?

  27. Zerophyr

    I get that it’s still up to the hackers to give out the methods/hacks….. but the PS4 scene has got to be one of the most unimpressive thing I experienced
    It totally pales in comparison during the glory days of PS3 and even the much later released Switch gets hacks updated every month or so

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the PS4 and its games, just that too much blueballing actually seems counterproductive here