MemeKaku released for older PSVita firmwares – Now, you can hack your FW 3.55/7 PSVita and PSTV because CelesteBlue felt like it!


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  1. sansibar


  2. OperationNR

    Waiting for FW 3.51 support in order to get PSM Assistant (and Unity version) decrypted and then executed on higher FW!

  3. StepS

    One practical result of this (if performed on 3.51 or below) is the ability to decrypt the PS Mobile assistant apps (especially the non-Unity one which was tied to a PSN account), which hasn’t been possible, as in 3.52 and later they are blocked above the kernel level.

  4. X2

    Whats the point of that ?

  5. Mcall

    This is useless (for now) but cool for even just the fact that if for some reason people don’t have access to 3.60 or 3.65 FW files.

    It’s name choice described it well.

  6. Makak1984

    Useless as heck… since one of this fw has know battery drain bug -> 3.57

  7. BLackButter

    Well, certain things like that old tn v can still be preserved if you want to use 6.60 psp plugins that break in 6.61

  8. SilicaAndPina

    Lol I for one can’t wait for 3.51 for the simple reason that I’ll be able to use the psm developer apps (and probably decrypt them for use on 3.60) :3

    I mean with 3.55 I guess you could make a copy of the 3.55 email app and have FAILMAIL on 3.57-68

  9. LMA0


  10. Yattoz

    Maybe hacking lower firmwares may allow hackers to know more about some protection features that we can’t really observe on higher firmwares. Or maybe it will be easier to find other vulnerabilities on firmware that were more vulnerable in the first place.
    This is just a thought, I don’t have any evidence or anything. But the more hacked the merrier!

  11. Anon

    3.18? This is simply beatiful. I have one Vita and one IDU, both running 3.18, this will breathe some life into them. Hopefully there will be a way to turn IDU mode on/off on 3.18 permanently without upgrading to 3.6x.

  12. Big Boi

    ….And how many ppl still have a 3.55 vita just lying around today?. Unless there were a way to downgrade, [which still wouldn’t make any sense to] I can see this being very useful in some degree or maybe just bragging rights. Funny thing is I had my Jpn vita sitting on 3.55 for like 2 years before Henkaku arrived. Tho 3.65 is the sweetspot cfw to be on