Apple’s latest mess-up: Some iPad Pro 2018s are bent out of the box and Apple says that IT’S NOT A DEFECT


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21 Responses

  1. Simerpreet Singh

    after iphone 4 its all downgrade in quality, in software and eveything else.

  2. trololo

    Manufacturing defect =/= Engineering defect

    • apple lol

      If the device’s temperature causes it to bend, that’s an engineering defect smart guy. Have fun paying for that overpriced boomerang.

  3. Audelraut

    There’s just no hope for people who shop apple.

  4. maxs

    its not a defect, its a feature

  5. Zap

    I rather spend my money elsewhere.

  6. GottZ

    shame on all the apple fanboys who still try to justify poor quality with esthetics.
    it would not bend that easily if the freakin aluminium would be of higher quality.

    apple has profit margins other companies can only dream of. stop throwing so much money down their throats.

  7. Zippy


  8. Magusar

    It’s a bendable screen guys chill

  9. mixedfish

    The saddest part is even though Apple products come from the same Chinese factories as the Chinese brands, the Chinese branded products have better quality.

  10. MaxKopf

    They REMOVED the home button? Now how does this actually work? How do you navigate this thing if there is no home button?

  11. SMS

    That’s Innovation…

  12. Nanashi


    Bend to those who are worthy.

  13. Nanashi


  14. neojared

    tHATS RIGHT ,its the new ipad CURBE xD

  15. Bunny

    We need to move technology forward and create NEW devices. We should stop remaking the same devices “slightly better”

  16. Zeke

    Meh. If Apple weren’t so full of themselves they wouldn’t keep trying to make things out of tiny non-reinforced slivers of aluminium and sometimes with stupid butterfly keyboards that can be killed by dust. For how much these things cost they’re a complete rip-off. Stuff being misshapen out of the box IS a defect. They’re begging to be taken to court with a class action or a dozen the way they’re overpricing their non-durable phones, laptops and tablets. Hubris.

  17. Australian Guy

    But does it come back when you throw it ?