In-Home-Switching for the Switch released – You can now stream your favourite PC games (and emulators) right to your Switch!


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13 Responses

  1. Basam Zayniaie

    What is happening!!!!!! This is really great!!!!!

  2. Bunny

    If you went to a hardware store and bought a hammer and were told that you could only hammer nails with and nothing else then someone comes along and shows you all of the other uses of a hammer. That’s whats happening.

  3. Papapsofos

    So i suppose i need a hacked Switch for that right???

  4. Magusar

    Why not port Moonlight instead?

  5. Days

    Another great article from our favorite trans.

  6. Demian

    Now this makes me want to finally get a Switch.


  7. Ouji

    Honestly something like this deserves to be an official app in the eShop. You should ask Nintendo or try and contact them to get it up, might even get paid.