PS4 hack: Zecoxao promises “top secret method” upcoming for Firmware 6.02


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  1. Basam Zayniaie

    Just can’t wait for this

    • spok

      well it will be better if this is out after morpheus presentation so it is easier for all to go their own way – i prefer homebrew as on PS3 😉

  2. fffawe

    yes yes reddead 2 -spiderman-oh my god

  3. Amnesia82

    No zeco is only spokesman, it’s from M0rph3us… please correct asap. or check your bad info.

  4. MaxKopf

    I seriously hope he waits until the release of the Resident Evil 2 remake because this is the one game I want to play. It will also be the last big game for the next few months.

  5. thetechdoc


  6. Kislorod

    Piracy and homebrew are two sides of the same coin. You can’t have one or another. Only both of them.

  7. fresno

    The new OFW 6.20 is out.

  8. qwertextranm

    No Homebrew means can’t rip tho…

  9. Zero

    heck yea. Now, to hope to god my PS4 doesn’t auto-update before this happens…

  10. Nynex

    ¿What do I have to do to be a guest blogger?

  11. Fawkmath

    Math is such a lil bish

  12. fffawe

    I love you hacker thnx

  13. lollypop

    a … a game ripper homebrew backup manager lol :p

  14. RE2_Hype

    Well, here’s hoping RE2 doesn’t use FW higher than 6.20 at least. By this point in time, it can’t I suppose. It has to go gold very soon, to be released next month. It may even require 6.02 instead.

  15. SonySupremeEmperor

    Sony forever, Nintendo fanboyism never!

  16. Feliaberto

    Guys take a look at this… And let me know what you think:

  17. Meh

    is this similiar to the ps1 swap disc method? I was terrible at that?

  18. jake the great

    “Guys take a look at this… And let me know what you think:

    never trust that site, if youll notice the date of comments changes every day to make it appear as recent posts. be warned

  19. Kodha

    Can we please stop bringing up Mathieu? He does literally nothing for the community besides pretend he knows something with zero proof and never releases.

  20. Ravi Pathak

    Will it work on any firmware or just on 5.05?

  21. T Jakes

    I’ll believe it when I see it

  22. anup

    we will have to wait a long time better be some method

  23. Anthony

    Im sorry but sitting back and reading some of these comments is nothing short of the ignorance on these sites. most of the questions as well as statements are pretty much 101. Educate yourself than move forward

  24. ffawe

    Im wait 25 december for method yeeeess

  25. Very curious about this one.

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