Recent Webkit vulnerability hits PS4 6.02


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19 Responses

  1. Schlord

    first…and awesome!!

  2. Alex Naddei

    THE SCENE! SHE LIVES! *rat laugh*

  3. Alex

    Great, now we only need a kernel exploit that will be released in one year! Nice!

    • spok

      lets see what morpheus will present soon but any exploit is better than nothin so lets hope we will not have to stay forever on 5.05 oO

  4. Alcom0rz

    Red Dead Redemption 2, here we go

  5. Vii

    Yes , Viva Hacker !
    We want Xmas Presnet :3 )

  6. Scorreggione

    I already have pc for piracy but I wanna pirate Detroit Become Human, Spiderman and Red Dead Redemption. Hurry up please.

  7. nagy@c1g4ny

    Where can i download rdr2?

  8. Doctow

    The exploit works on 6.20 too (updated by accident) but it seems it works

  9. Alex

    Could those who have updated to 6.02 see if this still works? That’s something I’d have to consider before updating myself.

  10. Felisberto

    Guys please check this and tell me what you think