PS4: Hacker m0rph3us1987 to present a new PS4 hack at the end of the year


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  1. Dunross says:


  2. Basam Zayniaie says:


  3. Nines says:

    Translation is usually done live at Congress for English people on a seperate audio stream. So you can watch live there and put in the audio channel on your phone and listen.

  4. Cypherous says:

    And now people will get excited over nothing, userland exploits aren’t that useful without a kernel exploit to hook in to

  5. mop says:

    in the 80s and 90s, crackers never unveiled how they did it. why give all the info to Sony so they can patch it up?

  6. Maanu says:

    Oh yea and germans like to translate to english so dont think u guys will have to wait for to long… If something i could translate it for you guys

  7. Ra-D-OH-3h says:

    a co z hdmi hack ? Już nikt nad tym nie pracuje ?

  8. Diegix says:

    Espero sea verdad ya toy ansioso con eso ya tendria mi ps4 mas mi ps3 pirateadas !!!

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