Emulation News: PPSSPP 1.7.5 Released, Ryujinx can now load Super Smash Bros Ultimate which was released yesterday and Citra (3DS Emulator) Gets Accurate LLE Audio Emulation


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  1. Krizalid


  2. Daipop


  3. Zero

    Since LLE Audio causes such lag, I really hope they left in HLE Audio. At least, until the lag from LLE goes away.

  4. Azure7th

    Everybody is in ultimate!!! Are you in?

  5. Sohel

    Switch Emulator Ryujinx run SSBU,But 5-10 fps 🙁

  6. Big Boi

    Nothing to be excited about the Switch Emulator Ryujinx . I give them props to get certain games compatibility, but this is just a baby step towards playablility