Work on emulating the Nintendo DS on the PSVita starts again – Rinnegatamante currently porting melonDS to the PSVita


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  1. Dialtone

    Emulation for the win

  2. Jeff

    Damn. with this, my vita will really be the ultimate emulation machine. Goodbye smartphone! Haha

  3. Formedras

    Would DS emulation on ARM devices benefit from dynamic recompilation, in part to convert NDS API calls to emulator API calls? I mean, I doubt outright virtualization is a viable option, but there’s got to be something to make emulating an ARM system on a more advanced ARM system less demanding.

  4. Daniel Tome

    I still need to get more done with my sd/vita on my 3g model. but ill try this out with my pstv when it gets better

  5. Unknown Hacker

    Thank you ❤️️ for the news guys…

  6. Elwood_X

    A working DS can be bought now for ~10-15$ everywhere in the world. A r4 micro sd adapter is another 10$.
    A proper DOS games handheld cannot be bought for 25$.
    Why emulate the DS which is almost guaranteed to be too slow on the Vita, when a good dosbox native Vita port could be made instead?
    Just asking….

  7. Gabriel Franco

    Btw, Why Drastic can run games so well? even on *** phones it got a very good emulation, would be good to talk about closed sources emulators and why sometimes they are better than the open source ones

  8. Demian

    Now this.
    One more reason to thank Vita’s scene devs, and not that lame brand owner.

    Looking forward to emulate with this on my Vita. Thanks!!!

  9. Junior

    Reicast plis!

  10. VitaMin

    I love you! \(^o^)/

  11. JReca

    FFTA2 would be a bomb for me right now. Need this very much. Good luck with the endeavor.

  12. Pierpaolo Piccoli

    great news. There is a great Castlevania on ds. Currently playing on drastic on smarthphone. On Vita would be another story

  13. DarkHao

    Thats sooo good news, Thx! =)))

  14. NanoSpeedGamer

    Bad Proyect