Emulation On The Switch Just Got A Whole Lot Better Thanks To Overclocking – Nintendo 64, PS1 and DS Emulation Greatly Improved + An Explanation to Switch Overclocking!


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  1. Psxplay

    This is great news. 🙂

  2. Hello

    Here is where she copy / pasted her information from, along with better links and grammar.

    2 days late might I add, surely this didn’t take you two days to copy and paste, did it?

    • Audelraut

      Be nice to my future wife.

    • Tony

      Nice try but that isn’t anything close to a copy/paste, literally just one screenshot that’s been all over the place lately just happened to be there, also people have lives you know, its not anyones job to keep scrubs like yourself informed.

    • JK0cr

      Definitely it is NOT a copy paste. You should be grateful to people that takes his/her time to write articles instead of pointless criticism, even more if you have nothing to add to the community

    • sumbodyshero

      Stop hating. This is the best blog in town. Not everyone who speaks English is a native speaker. I’d rather support smaller blogs.

    • Natalie

      Hey, do you know what copy and paste is? Her article is about the same topic but there is not a single sentence that appears identically. Please take your hate and spam elsewhere. Thanks

    • Martin

      Man, chill out a bit, will ya. it’s advisable if you wanna avoid a stroke. Cheers.

    • Goodbye

      And… Not everybody uses the same websites with similar information, are you new to the internet and on some illuminati type ***? Great observation there, sherlock. lol

  3. azoreseuropa

    Not recommend until they improve the speed. I won’t overclock it anyway. Too risk. No thanks.

  4. IDontThinkSo

    Eh………. given all the overheat problems I’ve read about on Switch, I think I’d rather avoid any overclocking of any kind myself.

  5. MaybeBe

    Do you guys think there will be smart enough people to make 3DS emulator for Switch?

  6. hene

    Even with max OC PSX games are unplayable. How is this still possible? Even my XPERIA Play has better framerate.

    • SpartanHexus

      With OC my psx games are running fine. Are you using the nro or nsp version? The nro version has limited memory access.

  7. MillenniumEagle

    Considering the accessible nature of the Switch’s internals, perhaps replacing the thermal paste inside the Switch with something more top of the line, and perhaps adding to the copper pipes and other parts of the cooling system inside this thing will make for better, safer overclocking. This is something we should take advantage of, considering how no other console, handheld or otherwise, can be modified easily like this.