Switch news: Atmosphère CFW being updated with support for FW 6.2.0 – Needs externally dumped firmware keys to run due to new key generation mechanism


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  1. Sparkcakes

    Question is. is it possible to update to 6.2 using ChoixDuJourNX. and play online with friends.
    And downgrade back to 6.1 for cfw
    (still on 6.1 now)

    • JK0cr

      A far as I Know, it is possible, But only by using a NAND backup to downgrade, because you cannot boot a CFW in 6.2, but you can boot a payload such as hekate to restore a previous backup

    • Tulius

      No because 6.2 firmware will verify if the right number of fuses is burned (higher or lower) if not it’ll panic the system and possibly turn into a black screen your Switch upon reboot.

  2. ConsolesareBetter

    Meanwhile, f all nothing in the ps4 scene. F all you devs, I hope you die in a fire like california

    • Azure7th


      can’t rush hacks.

      All you need is Patience

    • lol

      Aww the poor baby is crying because he has to buy his PS4 games….awww bwahahaha

    • Sparkcakes

      I’m a student. C# developper. and someone in my class has access to a PS4 6.0 exploit to run Linux.
      Guess what. he doesnt even wanna give it to me. he and his buddy are affraid it gets leaked on the internet.

      Exploits are kept private until sony patches them (bcs when they release them. its an instant patch).
      And also because of people like you. Devs dont own you anything. Its a hard job finding these exploits and even harder making them stable.
      We as devs like to use these exploits for developping .and homebrew purposses.

      all you people care about is piracy.

    • teecho

      this is why bolsonaro won

    • Risky

      Whole different ball game chief.
      Where’s your exploit?

  3. Charles Fasano

    New Atmosphere update supports 6.2.0 without needing external keys.