Nintendo Switch firmware update 6.2.0 released, allegedly changes key generation mechanism


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13 Responses

  1. Forgetitnintendo

    Finally first!!! Suck it Nintendo you shouldn’t even bother

  2. förster


  3. f_cecily


  4. Bengi

    Pour supprimer les fichiers de mise a jours vous tener le bouton off plus volume Up plus volume down jusqu’au logo switch byby update 6.2 ensuite Airplane mod

  5. Vincent Warte

    Unfortunately, I’m not first 🙁

  6. Vic-20

    Would this affect the TX SX Pro dongle?

  7. Hubert

    That guide allows do downgrade without having any keys and backups:

  8. mason202

    you can change allegedly to confirmed. I’m visiting my family for Thanksgiving and my brother connected my switch to the internet and updated it. Reinx no longer works.

  9. Hubert

    No CFW works, but I heard that 6.2 has been already cracked: