Yuzu, a Nintendo Switch emulator, making huge progress with “Pokémon Let’s Go” already in-game and partially playable!


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  1. James

    This emulator is the *** bomb

  2. lolo

    Emulation scene looks very promising nowadays!

  3. demol

    there’s an error in the article, the game is not 60 fps, it’s barely 30fps with ton of framepacing issues and slowdown in menus

  4. Sholid

    Or get a Switch and play it. And don’t tell me that this is for backups or something. We all know that probably 99% of people emulating pirate games. Switch is also on the go, so you can’t tell me that you can’t bring it with you.

    • Free Jelly Machine

      “We all know that probably 99% of people emulating pirate games.”
      You assume 99% of people emulating pirate their games.
      As someone who has personally ripped their entire ROM and ISO collection, totaling nearly every console game I’ve ever owned, I’d like to say that it was super easy, very rewarding, and absolutely worth the time it took.

  5. Charles Fasano

    Make sure you don’t use the malware copy of Let’s GO Pikachu or you might brick the emulator.

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  7. MyNameIsFirst