Call of Cthulhu, the pinnacle of cerebral horror, PS4 review

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  1. DeeBG

    Getting review copies of games is nice and all but let’s not use wololo for this content (just my opinion, plus I’m curious if others feel the same) + the article’s categories are errorous, FYI =).

  2. DeeBG

    You’re free to delete my comment if you don’t like what I have to say, but at least fix the incorrect categories that this is published under (which I previously kindly recommended).

  3. John

    So a review is considered News now?

  4. fullerSpectrum

    This is a bit out of place, isn’t it? Also, this could have used some proofreading.

  5. Badryo

    I have no idea what’s happening here

  6. Duke

    As previous people stated. Please no more game reviews in the news section.

  7. Not wololo

    Days are running slow on Wololo, huh?

  8. saim

    i like this game and thanks for posting the review