3 great PSP/PS1 games made even better when played on the PSVita via Adrenaline – A look at some older games to play this holiday season on your trusty portable!


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  1. Bunny says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong…
    One thing that I found while running Adrenaline is the fact all of the old psp emulators run better and faster than when running on an original pspgo. For example, the gameboy advance emulators run games at full frame rates with no slowdown. Since the old psp gba emulators have been in development for years, they have near perfect emulation as well. Compared to the newer psvita gba emulators, the psp ones running through Adrenaline are a better experience for me. And SNES emulators are the same story.

  2. z2 says:


    I am the master of the univars!!!!11!

  3. Hernan says:

    Chrono Trigger PS1? Is the worst version ever made. loading times between battles are insane.
    Better usa an emulator and play the SNES version

    • GilgameshThePugilist says:

      Agreed – the loading times to pull up the party menu kill me every time.

      RetroArch’s SNES9X_2005 runs Chrono Trigger very well on Enso. I would definitely recommend that over the PS1 port.

    • George Liquid says:

      well said

    • Pharredd says:

      The latest Adrenaline has a fast forward function by pressing select+L…it’s not the ideal way to play the game but it does somewhat alleviate those dreaded loading times. It’s worth playing this version over the Snes version imo just for the anime cutscenes however, the DS version will always be the definitive version with it having the cutscenes minus the load times

    • Magusar says:

      There has been a “Fast loading disc” option on psp/vita psx emu for years!

    • trdht says:

      Exactly. Best version is on DS

  4. Kuroshitsuji says:

    GOW ghost of sparta seems to support the right analogue stick as well without plugins on adrenaline for moving around

  5. Richard says:

    GoW on adrenaline is full of tearing,anyone knows how to get rid of it?

  6. Audelraut says:

    You want to stay away from those snes/nes to ps1 ports.

    Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 1-6, tactics ogre, i think there’s more but can’t remember,.. The load time/lag is horrific..

    One VERY important rpg for vita/psp is final fantasy tactics BUT YOU NEED THIS PATCH TO REMOVE SLOWDOWN


  7. Geo says:

    Gracias por el interesante aporte Aurora.

  8. migo says:

    Chrono Trigger really?? I think DS version is the better one, no loading times, cleaner , etc. The PS1 unless someone hacked is obnoxiously bloated with loading, just as bad as FFVI, sadly other great game ruined by the engine used to put it on the PS1.

    no Thanks. better play it on my switch. And seriously, the other games…just like , I don’t know, but this article is very pointless…

  9. MDashK says:

    For those who want to costumize the soundtrack of Burnout Legends, here’s BurnTag2, used back in the days to edit the tags of the soundtrack of the game:


    If you want to know a little more about BurnTag2, do a little google search for the filename.
    BTW: this little program does not break any copyright, it is a tool made by a fan back in the days.

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