Sony releases new PlayStation 4 model with model number “CUH-7200” – An even-quieter model with the figure of eight power connector that’s being slowly rolled out, starting with the RDR2 bundle!


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  2. Orange Peel

    Wonder if this new model has another feature that’s hidden, say a patch to stop some exploits

  3. I would be interested in getting one of these when prices go down.
    My PS4 sounds like an aircraft while playing Bloodborne!

  4. Joe

    I bought a new cuh-7215b from gamestop a month ago. It came with 5.55.

    • Tromendus1

      I just recently bought red dead redemptio 2 ps4 1tb on nov 8 2018 and I had 5.55 firmware but I update it!

  5. Russticles


  6. Rule

    Question: Black Friday is coming up soon and they having a deal for PS4 slim with a 4 tb hdd. Does anyone know what firmware they will be at?.

  7. tarnation

    for those unaware, the temprature is even higher on the inside for this one at the price of lowering the noise

  8. Charol

    Yeah. The power in line as the PS1 and PS2…
    You forgot them….

  9. Baso

    haha nice post

  10. Barrynothe

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  11. THATS ME

    Anyone knows which FW the PS4 Pro FIFA 18 Bundle got?