Sony releases new PlayStation 4 model with model number “CUH-7200” – An even-quieter model with the figure of eight power connector that’s being slowly rolled out, starting with the RDR2 bundle!


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  1. Orange Peel says:

    Wonder if this new model has another feature that’s hidden, say a patch to stop some exploits

  2. I would be interested in getting one of these when prices go down.
    My PS4 sounds like an aircraft while playing Bloodborne!

  3. Joe says:

    I bought a new cuh-7215b from gamestop a month ago. It came with 5.55.

    • Tromendus1 says:

      I just recently bought red dead redemptio 2 ps4 1tb on nov 8 2018 and I had 5.55 firmware but I update it!

  4. Russticles says:


  5. Rule says:

    Question: Black Friday is coming up soon and they having a deal for PS4 slim with a 4 tb hdd. Does anyone know what firmware they will be at?.

  6. tarnation says:

    for those unaware, the temprature is even higher on the inside for this one at the price of lowering the noise

  7. Charol says:

    Yeah. The power in line as the PS1 and PS2…
    You forgot them….

  8. Baso says:

    haha nice post

  9. Barrynothe says:

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  10. THATS ME says:

    Anyone knows which FW the PS4 Pro FIFA 18 Bundle got?