iTLS-Enso v2.0 released with a safer plugin option – SAFELY make the browser on your hacked PSVita / PSTV running FW 3.60/5 great again with TLSv1.2 support and access sites like GitHub and many others!


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  1. Audelraut says:

    Did we ever fix that problem where:

    if the vita goes into sleep mode, you can’t save the game anymore?

    • Ethan Weegee says:

      Using sd2vita game cart? is that your ux0? Might be an older version of the storagemgr plugin.

      • Audelraut says:

        no my ux0 was just the standard folder.

        I would play dragon quest builders then fall asleep, and when I woke up and played, the game wouldn’t let me save at all. Mind you, this is years ago. I just use my vita for retroarch now.

        I hope they fix that awful bug.

    • Ame says:

      Pulled from reddit.

      1: Change the Time Format to 12-Hour Clock
      2: Backup and delete “ux0:\user\00\savedata_backup\list.dat” file
      3: Create a folder named “list.dat” Example “ux0:\user\00\savedata_backup\list.dat”

      • dmaskell92 says:

        Note: The savedata bug is only an issue with MAI/Vitamin rips. You will not have this issue with NoNpDrm.

        With that being said, I can confirm the fix @Ame posted has been on my device for a few years now. Works and I’ve had no issues with inferior Mai/Vitamin rips.

    • b says:

      They did a long time. It had to do with early dumps using vitamin 1.0 i think it was. It got fixed later on using newer dumps using 2.0 and so on

  2. Localhorst86 says:

    So, if I used the unsafe method in the past, is it enough to use the “uninstall compat module” to revert to default?

    • Localhorst86 says:

      Judging from a quick look at the source code, it seems like that should do the trick. It seems to create a backup of the module in the system partition before doing anything else. Gonna double check this later today, though.

  3. Ghost mirror says:

    Solo veo útil este navegador de internet para psvita si uno va a realizar alguna transacción bancaria.

  4. trunk208 says:

    if ur on 3.68 using h-encore i dont think this matter right?

    • Localhorst86 says:

      If you’re on 3.68 you already have TLS v1.2 support. This is only required for firmware version below 3.68

  5. Hard Work says:

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