The full game list of 20 games for the upcoming PlayStation Classic revealed – Many Classics Like Crash Bandicoot Missing So Go Get a PlayStation TV Instead!


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30 Responses

  1. Chris

    I’ve been looking for a cheap PSTV for a while and I can’t find one for under ~$85. Anyone know where I could find one cheaper? Idc if it’s 3.69 I can wait for the exploit.

  2. scissors610

    A lot of people are upset about some of their favourite games not being included, but this was to be expected with there only being 20 games. People would be dissatisfied no matter what.

    • Panzer

      I agree. PSX had a crapton of classic games. It’s kinda lose-lose for them

    • stevorkz

      Tell me about it. Not withstanding the fact that the line up in my opinion is rather good. Plus, the chances are this console will get cracked come on. I dont care if it comes with no games that I would play at all, I would still buy it for this fact. People have no vision.

    • CycloneFox

      A comment with some common sense. That’s something rare in the internet.

  3. Cypherblade

    No soul blade or resident evil 2, command and conquer red alert, fifa just to name a few that would of been better

  4. Charles Fasano

    But not to include games that made the PSOne was it is is silly.

  5. ghorticus

    Another option would be to pick up a PS2 and softmod it with FMCB. They recently began working on porting RetroArch to PS2 as well.

  6. I will probaly be picking one up for collection purposes but, I agree there are many better ways to enjoy PS1 games. Theres something nostalgic about the ‘old’ controllers.
    Crash missing is sad but, understandable due to the recent remaster. Truely suprised to see Persona on the list!

  7. mikaleon

    Hmm, nope. no Soul Edge, Time Crisis, FF IX, no buy.

  8. Jesus Malone

    The ps3 has a 100% compatibility with ps1 games. PS Vita does as well but I almost forget it exists.

  9. Daniel Tome

    getting 1 for collecting. I have vita and vita tv

  10. Johan Naude

    Lol, what a sad list of games.

    I’ll continue playing all my PSone games on my laptop or phone.

  11. azoreseuropa

    Nah. I will get this as a collector’s item but first.. I will wait until it is hackable so I can add my favourite games on it. Playstation TV is not collector’s item! No playstation TV for me! This is for me and I am waiting.

  12. no Crash, no PS1. this thing’s gonna be hacked to heck though.

  13. John

    This Classic consoles trend is really stupid. People really like spending more money for something you already had. Paying way more than what they paid before.

  14. Bestar

    Johnson, why are you so mean dude?

  15. Firebuble

    You all misundestad the “classic” part… think about it, what makes psOne so popular? Piracy sure! Let the classic times come back

  16. Tesla

    It’s like a NES Classic without Super Mario Bros. How could you not include the mascot of the console?.

  17. Aaron

    Where can I get a hacked one?

  18. abdul85pl

    Also on PSTV YouTube van Play DS4 wireless . 🙂
    Gładkie I own one.

  19. Holo

    it seems it uses the same hardware as PSTV (smart move to recycle the unsold hardware), so this may open interesting scenarios regarding the modding scene.
    It’s quite funny/embarassing they use PCSX reARMed as an emulator to run the games, not even bothering about developing something, pure cash-grabbing operation.