Atmosphere – Nintendo Switch Custom Firmware’s first official release is here


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  1. Cypherous says:

    Well thats cool i guess, bit late to the party but atleast they showed up 😛

  2. thelastnoob says:


  3. Voldo X says:

    Any benefits to ReiNX?

  4. Yattoz says:

    It’s funnyman because KIP means “chicken” in Dutch.
    Congrats to the dev team !

  5. a7mag3ddon says:

    Team xecutor for the win, nsp installing and playing, Xci cart dumos mounting and playabke, great littlw cheat engine all for very little money. Atmosphere/ Reinx too little too late

  6. reminon says:

    At this point, is there really a point for an official “release”? I mean everything out is already based on atmosphere, which seems like more of a library of code for CFW, instead of a CFW in and of itself.

  7. Azure7th says:

    congrats ^_^ first cfw for the switch.

    Maybe if they unveiled the next version of the switch (better cooling and better battery life hopeful) I might use my old switch for backups and emus

  8. orland says:

    Still waiting for better AutoRCM

  9. Unknown says:

    Hoping they find a solution for ipatched consoles…

  10. supergun123 says:

    I can’t get this to work at all I’m on 3.0 and every time i try to get this to work it crashes my switch

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