Atmosphere – Nintendo Switch Custom Firmware’s first official release is here


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17 Responses

  1. Cypherous says:

    Well thats cool i guess, bit late to the party but atleast they showed up 😛

  2. thelastnoob says:


  3. JustAnotherSoftwareDev says:

    You say late to the party, I say that working on system level *** is hard, working on open source things without losing motivation is hard, having your work shoved in commercial packaging by others with no credit is hard, dealing with whiny “better late than never” dickbags is hard, this thing by all rights of software engineering at this level shouldn’t even publicly exist.

  4. Voldo X says:

    Any benefits to ReiNX?

  5. Yattoz says:

    It’s funnyman because KIP means “chicken” in Dutch.
    Congrats to the dev team !

  6. Assassin says:

    Any info on banning by using this? Still want to play fortnite and update games without getting banned

  7. a7mag3ddon says:

    Team xecutor for the win, nsp installing and playing, Xci cart dumos mounting and playabke, great littlw cheat engine all for very little money. Atmosphere/ Reinx too little too late

    • fl0PPsy says:

      If your happy with the paid product your using thats great. Enjoy it. TE are getting paid to keep their product updated until they move onto the next product.

      The Devs behind Atmosphere/ReInx are developing on their own time and with no demand for income from their efforts. Its open source so other people can get involved in the future to keep the project going.

      I’m sorry but a comment like “Atmosphere/ Reinx too little too late” is just a pointless statement. It just make people roll their eyes and think “oh another fanboy stating that this or that is better”. Its not a competition at the end of the day and Devs do things for their own learning in many cases.

      Have you done any development in the scene or a scene?

    • lattenwald says:

      Well no, been using ReiNX with, people y’all don’t need to pay a penny. Use opensource!

      Works like a charm too.

    • mixedfish says:

      Exactly, it’s funny how much progress a couple of bucks does to feature set and stability. They’ve pretty much address bugs and issues in a few weeks, not years.

  8. reminon says:

    At this point, is there really a point for an official “release”? I mean everything out is already based on atmosphere, which seems like more of a library of code for CFW, instead of a CFW in and of itself.

  9. Azure7th says:

    congrats ^_^ first cfw for the switch.

    Maybe if they unveiled the next version of the switch (better cooling and better battery life hopeful) I might use my old switch for backups and emus

  10. orland says:

    Still waiting for better AutoRCM

  11. Unknown says:

    Hoping they find a solution for ipatched consoles…

  12. supergun123 says:

    I can’t get this to work at all I’m on 3.0 and every time i try to get this to work it crashes my switch