PS4 glitch in messaging allegedly crashes the console, forcing a factory reset


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  1. dameros

    Anyone know what they did exactly? And is this an attached file containing code like those pictures that were seen on 4chan a few years back?
    also, first

    • BlackGauna

      I read that they exploit the unicode parser of the PS4, so that it overflows and crashes.

    • Forcedtohaveaname

      I’d guess it was some sort of invisible character exploit we have seen on iOS and Android in the past.

      • Rikku

        If you still remember, it look like old nokia bluetooth exploit, which if system read unparse able character it will crash (reboot) or forced to recovery mode

  2. protoman1008

    This somehow reminds me of an bug in iOS a while ago.
    That bug was basically capable of freezing the entire device into oblivion, by just 1 silly thing you’d have to sent to someone by text.

    I believe that bug however is patched out now.
    Such bummer the PS4 can suffer the same fate. :c

  3. first


  4. just curious

    so he offers free jailbreaking if you win ?

  5. Ziggy


  6. BlackGauna

    I got that kind of message yesterday. You don’t have to factory reset your PS4. You need to delete the message via the app, then get into safe mode and rebuild database. That fixed my PS4.

    • learn2read

      And if you actually read the article it said “In extreme cases”

      • Ethan Weegee

        The title is misleading though, it seems way more serious than it is if you only read the title.

      • mink

        maybe he just missed it. calm down troll boy

      • BlackGauna

        I wanted to give a possible solution for people who got a message like that and can’t boot their system, without factory resetting their console. You don’t add anything to the discussion and have nothing better to do than trolling in the comments or what? Get a life, ***.

  7. Wowzers123

    Well done, Sony.

  8. kaluas

    Can we somehow report Dunkzy_TP and his buddy xSL4Y3RS14x ? That alone would make PSN a lot better.

  9. Sony Supreme Emperor

    NIntendo Fanboyism side effects include: Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and erectile dysfunction.

  10. eZ

    Sounds like a deal to me

  11. none

    I don’t worry because I don’t used the online. Never will and never interested in online at all.

  12. Chainsaw

    Seems this crash also works in Playroom / Live of Play Station. When a PS4 user streams in Youtube, and you watch the stream in “Live of the playstation”, some text in the Youtube chat can crash the whole PS4 firmware. Don’t know how it works, and in Browser I couldn’t see which character caused the crash.

  13. kelly

    So this is surely going to help you a lot.

  14. Kattstof

    This glitch also affects ps vita causing a system crash that auto rebuilds upon reboot
    Therefore not harmful just a bit annoying
    A bit curious if this can be escalated into low-level code execution though.