G*Maker and F*PSSE released for the PSVita: GameMaker Studio games can be ported to the PSVita AND PSM games can now be decrypted for modding!


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  1. Cimmerian

    caution should be exercised when installing VPK files from SilicaAndPina to make sure they don’t contain any memory card formatting code…

    Meh that’s too old, first that memorycard eraser code was a test app that he showed in a youtube video. So it wasn’t a trump app.

    Second all his project are on github and we never heard about anything relating malicous code of all his project sooo

  2. SilicaAndPina

    acturally i can think of 2 uses for FuckPSSE outside of using it for game modding.
    1) run game on pc via simulator
    2) run game on android via psm dev app

  3. red

    I understand the rationale for “F*PSSE”, but for “G*Maker”…I’m not sure I see how that word is inappropriate for this website?

    • Dude85

      I dont understand that either. As someone that has programmed in GMS and bought GM2 its not some kid software. Only someone that doesnt know about the software would make that claim. The DnD is just a gimmick that I suppose kids would like as a learning tool but if you dont know GML then you be able to make a decent game. Dont understand this “inappropriate” thing if I think the reason is because its “kid” software.Could be wrong but its not explained.
      Censor a word like GM without doing there research. Ouch.

  4. uewhf

    implying that if there’s source code uploaded then the compiled version is guaranteed to be compiled from that code.

    • bbcboywn

      whee, no prob man yo can compile it personanally, sure it takes time and knowledge but you will know it is compiled from the code you see

    • Rufis_

      Implying that if a person makes a little mistake once, that person can’t change.

  5. lemmingDev

    Tested G*Maker

    Works well

  6. jesse

    I’m triggered by asterisks.

  7. Eric

    Port Karoshi suicide salaryman, all of them

  8. AHater

    SilicaAndPina never released a memory card formatting app, they released a os0 formater, which is worst, leaving your PSV like a real brick to put in some wall

    • SilicaAndPina

      what? where does this even come from. there was never ever a os0 formatter..
      the memory card formatter was me showing that someone could in theroy modify a gamecart to wipe your mc and it’d even work on 3.61. my goal was to get sony to patch *** adn they did then some hipster came along and posted the thing to r/vitapiracy

  9. lemmingDev

    Playing around with it.

    Does anyone know how to get touch screen input working?

    Having tried checking for left mouse click and mouse x / y position, but it doesn’t seem to work.

  10. SilicaAndPina

    Another use for F*PSSE is that it can be used to run PSM games on PC or on android (if you have android <6.0 because the dev assistant is broken on <6.0) 🙂

  11. sami

    please someone port blizzard hearthstone to vita

  12. DD

    From what I understand, the MC wipe proof of concept was several years ago. But I don’t think we need to be scared of Silica any more. They seemingly mellowed out since. If you are scared, just remember to backup the card if possible. Always be wary of sketchy sources who may use unheard of malicious code. Always try to get the code for these types of tools/ports directly from the source whenever possible, just to be safe.

  13. TH3 DARK0N3!

    possible AM2R fix with G*MAKER? using Yellows8’s (i think thats right??) reconstructed source code?? would be awesome to get that serris bug fixed and add fusion mode as well as new game+, heck if anyone can tell me a how to, i’ll give it a crack myself, 🙂 Absolutely love this game!

  14. Miker525

    Does anyone know if G*Maker works with GameMaker Studio 2? I have a few projects I’d love to compile for vita but they’re all built in GMS2 and not 1.4.