Recent PSVita and PS3 releases – Sharp Bilinear Filter Without Scanlines for Adrenaline and SEN Enabler 6.0.9 with OFW 4.83 spoof support


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  1. bolo says:

    Actually leaving pseudo-scanlines is kinda smart on OLED as it save a lot of power

    • bolo says:

      also, this is worrying me: “giving sharp pixels minimum BLUR” :/ Sharp 1:1 picture is the only way to go! Anything else is just is nothing but lowering quality.

      • rsn8887 says:

        The scanlines from the other filter look ok for PSP games, but look horrible for PS1 games (at least on PSTV) they create a moire pattern.

        My filter DOES give perfectly sharp 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 etc. picture if the scale factors are integer. You can choose your scale factor in Adrenaline. If the scale factor is not integer, then, yes, it adds a little blur to prevent the pixels from “wobbling”. I find this is the best solution. More information is here:

  2. zx says:

    Hi… Just a question.
    Is there any Jailbreaks/CFW that is compatible with PS3 Pro with version 4.82?

  3. first tim says:


  4. Randomguy says:

    Still slowdowns on psx games like sour reaver?

  5. TimmyB says:

    Thanks for the updates Aurora!

  6. Charles Fasano says:

    It says it’s only for CFW not OFW as you have to run a homebrew app.

  7. lolltpop says:

    does this mean we have adrenaline on ps3 now ? finally xD

  8. lollypop says:

    will this mean we finally got ps3 adrenaline ? xD

  9. dhquiwhdquw1 says:

    does this will mean we are can finally adrnaline ps3? xD